Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Well I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are continuing to have a nice holiday. I know that this time of year can be very busy for everyone.
My family is having a very nice Christmas and holiday. The kids are about half way through their winter break. They go back in a week. My grandson will be staying with us for a few days during this Christmas break.
I've already started to take down some of my Christmas decorations.
I haven't really done any after-Christmas shopping.
I know I've over eaten on to many Christmas goodies. But it's Christmas time. Your suppose to allow yourself to have those extra treats.
And in just a few days we'll be ringin' in 2009.
We will be having a quiet New Year's Eve at home this year. We will probably have some goodies to. Tomorrow back to my exercising to burn off all these holiday calories. I hope you all have a safe & happy new year celebration. I'm signing off...from Peek-A-Boo Street.


  1. So glad ya'll are having a great holiday! And don't worry about the few extra pounds right now. It's winter, it'll keep you warm! I know how you feel about the extra snacks. I've had more than my share too =)

  2. Sounds like you have had a wonderful Christmas. I am sure you are looking forward to having your grandson staying with you, those are really special times.

    May you have a wonderful New Year, it is always busy for us as it is my birthday, my father in law's birthday, my nefew and husband's cousin's birthday, all on the 1st of January. Whew, just exhausted thinking about it.

  3. Anonymous12/29/2008

    Merry Christmas Anne! I refuse to talk about weight LOL Love that snowman

  4. Anonymous12/29/2008

    Wishing you a happy new year too.. I never worry about what I eat.. eating more or less never changes my weight.


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