Friday, November 28, 2008

~ Christmas Tree 2008 ~

I promised that I would show you a picture of my Christmas tree when I finished decorating it. I had it all done and decorated before Thanksgiving. I wanted the room to be festive for the kick-off of the Christmas holiday. And a room always looks nice with a nicely decorated Christmas tree. Plus I wanted it done for my guests.
I like to decorate my Chistmas tree with no theme involved. As I was relaxing and looking at my tree one evening, I thought the best way to describe my Chistmas tree is that it's my life's tree. And what I mean by that is that it's decorated the way I want it decorated. It tells about who I am. It has history and Christmas pasts. It has decorations that my children had made for me when they were small. It has ornaments from when I was a child. It has an ornament that belonged to my Great Grandmother & Grandfather. It has this and that on it. It's traditional. It shows a little of my Catholic faith on it. Okay, maybe just a little more than a little. It has an angel on top that's dressed in red and green. I have onaments that were given to me by my mom and mother-in-law.
But I think you see where I'm going with this. My Christmas tree is my life tree. And every year I add a few new ornaments to it. I have to tell you that I had a hard time, for the first year since I've been married, fitting all of my Christmas ornaments onto my tree. I want to get more next year but how could I possibly make a desicion on what will not be getting hung up on the tree. Well I'll just have to worry about that next year. My goal is to have my whole tree decorated with those glass blown up ornaments. The ones that are made from germany and so on.
So I thought that I would show you a picture of my 2008 Christmas tree along with the new ornaments that are new this year. Oh please post your Christmas trees so that I can see them. I would love to see them! I hope you all had a wonder Thanksgiving. Signing
off...from Peek-A-Boo Street!

His boots and candy in his hand move.

Big glass wrapped candy.

Santa Candy Cane.

My 2008 Decade Series ornament from Hallmark.

My hubby's Michigan football ornament.
My hubby's Lion's football ornament.

Smaller glass wrapped hard candy.
Have fun decorating your Christmas trees!


  1. I just love your tree and all of your ornaments! Especially the blown glass ones, those are my favorite too! I really like the top of your page as well! It looks so pretty with the tree and your wreath! you are quite the photographer. We enjoyed seeing you all yesterday too. Thanks for the delicious dinner!

  2. Anonymous11/28/2008

    I love your tree and I agree that the best ones are decorated with all the years past.

  3. It's beautiful! Great job!

  4. Your tree is beautiful. I am just now putting mine up (all 6 of them) each room has one. Plus some small one scattered about. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Sounds like you had a nice
    Thanksgiving. Have a great day and God bless.

  5. I Will post pictures after I get done decorating all the trees. I have 4 done as of now. Madeline

  6. Hi Anne...So pretty, I just love turning off all lights except the Christmas tree! I'm like you, I don't go with a particular theme, just an old-fashioned kind of Christmas tree works best for me! Nice new look to your blog and I enjoyed the music!

  7. Anonymous11/30/2008

    Anne your tree as always is absolutely beautiful!

  8. Anonymous12/01/2008

    Very pretty and meaningful. A great way to celebrate.


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