Monday, October 13, 2008

All By Myself!

This morning I went to church. No it is not the Lord's day but I do like to go more then just on Sunday during this time of year. When you take the kiddies on Sunday it can be hard to concentrate. When I go by myself I can really pay attention more, I think. You don't have to worry about what your 'little one' is doing. Don't get me wrong. I do like taking them but sometimes I need to go for myself, and to be by myself, so that I can learn to.
So after church the weather was so nice, I decided to go to Yates Cider Mill...ALL BY MYSELF! Yep! I went all by myself. Did I feel bad? No not in the least!! Because I have been there so many times with my family I decided to treat myself. But don't worry. I hooked them up with some goodies from the cider mill for them to have after school. :-) I think they'll forgive me.
But first I stopped at home to grab my camera so that I could take some pictures for all of my friends that stop in to see me here on Peek-A-Boo Street. See, I was thinking of all of you as well! :-) I hope you enjoy them. I also took a little video for you all to look at to. Have a beautiful autumn day! Today I think the pictures will speak for themselves...

*Sorry this post is a day late in posting but one of the videos was giving me a hard time to upload. It was the wheel going around. I really wanted to get that in. If I can ever get that to work, I will post it at a later date.


  1. Anonymous10/14/2008

    Anne I just love all of your pictures! Isn't Yates a beautiful place to visit this time of the year? I also loved your video of the ducks. I could just watch them for hours. What a wonderful post! I hope you have a lovely fall day.

  2. Anonymous10/14/2008

    Beautiful pic's!! a very peacefull looking place. Wouldn't mind one bit if that were my backyard.

  3. Those are some beautiful pics mom! Seems like you have been going out by yourself and having a good old time without the kiddies! lol that is good to get some time to yourself. Well I love you and will see you soon.

  4. Peek-A-Boo Strret,
    What awesome pictures and videos!!!
    I at first played both videos and listened to them. Then caught myself going back to the one with the water flowing ever so gemtly over the rocks. That is the one I kept replaying over and over again with my eyes closed! The sound of it was so relaxing and soothing to my soul.

    Thanks for sharing it all. And am glad to see that you too had an enjoyable day. I love days like these myself!

    Blessings, Nana Net

  5. Your photos are enchanting. Don't stop posting them. I'd love to see some of your black and whites too.

  6. Wow, those are awesome pictures. I wish I had something beautiful like that to look at every day. Instead, I have cactus! boo-hoo

  7. Your pictures are beautiful. I definitely understand about it being hard to concentrate in church with the little ones. One Sunday my daughter (4 months) decided to wiggle the whole sermon and I had to take her down to the nursery to calm her down, by the time I got back the sermon was in closing! Thankfully, the pastor was kind enough to send me a copy of the sermon. Keep up the wonderful blogging!


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