Thursday, September 25, 2008

UltimateTwice Baked Potatoes

So my husband begged me to make those twice baked potatoes again. So how could I resist his pleas. I was to lazy (sorry) to write down the recipe here in the blog so here is the link. Once you click on the link, you just have to type in 'Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes' in the 'recipe search box' at the top, and it will take you to the recipe. You might have to scroll down a bit to find it though. It's a good recipe and it is fairly easy to make. My family just loves it. It's great for your family or for entertaining, for it does make for a good presentation. You could probably make it a day ahead, before you stuff the potatoes again. Of course you would have to wrap the scooped out potatoes and the potato filling real good. The website does not show a picture so I added mine here for you to see. This time I did use real bacon. You could use that bacon in the box that you put in your microwave to crisp up. That bacon is fine for garnishing your food with and I like it at times because you don't get the greasy messy clean up. We even had enough for left overs and they were just as good the following evening. If you try them, let me know how you and your family like them. Or if you have your own recipe for twice baked potatoes, please leave a comment. Have a nice evening.


  1. Anonymous9/25/2008

    Oh Anne those potatoes look yummy! I am going to have to try to make them. I hope you have a lovely evening!

  2. Those look yummy, thanks for the info. Have a great day.


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