Monday, September 15, 2008

Homemade Potpourri~

I'm participating in the "Exploration of Cider Mills & Apple Orchards" over at I am writing this post for that. Here is the button you can click on or there is the link above to join in on the fun! You can go there to get all of the details.

At this time of year I like to bring on the smells of the season indoors. One way I like to do that is by simmering some of my homemade potpourri on my stove top. And I promise, it will make your home smell wonderfully. Mm...can't you just smell it now? As you know the potpourri that is sold in stores are nice but very pricey. So I make my own. And it works just as good if not better. Here are the ingredients;

- An old pan or pot that you probably won't be using anymore.
- 2 1/2 cups of water
- A few whole Cloves
- A few whole Allspice Berries
- 2 Cinnamon Sticks
- 2 dashes of Nutmeg or fresh Nutmeg
- 2 slices or orange or apple

I let that simmer on low with the stove fan on and I will begin to smell it very quickly through out my home. Yes you do have to keep and eye on the pan. I stir it when I'm walking by. But also you will have to check to see if you need to add more water to the pan. It doesn't look pretty after is simmers for awhile but I will reuse it the next day and it works just as good as the day before.
Really you can add or omit what you do and do not like in this simple potpourri recipe. It really depends on what your favorite scents are. I've been a housewife for 18 years now but never thought to do this but just a few years ago. What about you? Do you have a favorite homemade potpourri recipe that you would like to share? I would love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment!


  1. I think I'll try this! I forgot that you started doing this. :)

  2. Anonymous9/15/2008

    Thank you for contributing to my posts. This looks like an excellent idea that I will surly try.

  3. This absolutely has to smell wonderful throughout the entire house. I'm hosting a huge birthday party next month and I'm definitely going to have this simmering on the stove. I'm so glad I came here from Carol's blog.

  4. Jessica,

    Mom &


    Thank you ladies for stopping in and leaving such nice comments. I hope you have a pleasant day!


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