Tuesday, September 23, 2008


No hoops and hollers please! Oh so your wondering how I finally got that picture of this scarecrow huh? Do you got a minute? Well pull up a chair. Here's the scoop.
Over the weekend I attempted to walk down Peek-A-Boo Street two times with my camera in hand. But I chickened out and came back home with no pictures. Even my hubby was asking, "So did you get the picture?" Then my oldest son was telling me not to take the picture. He said that he knows the girl that lives there and that he goes to school with her.
Lean your ear a little closer...
Well on that fine Monday morning I told my youngest son that we would be walking again to take him to school. When it was time to leave my heart was beating faster. I put my camera in my pocket of my jacket with the camera turned on so all I had to do was nonchalantly pull it out of my pocket and just start snapping away. We got closer and closer...I looked around casually and made sure no one was looking. Then I made sure no one was looking out the lady's front window. The coast was clear and I just took a couple shot's to make sure they turned out and proceeded to walk my son to school, with a big smile on my face! Yippee! Gotcha!


  1. HAHA mom, that story is hilarious! :) you are to funny. I like the scarecrow a lot though! I see why you wanted to take a picture of it so bad now LOL.

  2. Anonymous9/23/2008

    LOL, Yeah, you got it! I can just see you snapping away! He is adorable and worth the wait. LOL


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