Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Read Your Food Labels!

The other night I tried to make home made Hani's like at Coney Island. I just love those with their cheese fries. Well I usually do watch what I eat so I wanted to make the Hani's at home because I thought that it would be more healthy. Wrong! My husband has told me to watch my fat grams on the food labels if I wanted to lose weight but I never wanted to bother with reading labels. Who has the time for that. Well I started to read labels and I have successfully lost a few pounds. But this one time I didn't and now I wish I had, only to find out the next day, how many fat grams was in the pita bread and cheese. When I have a sandwich for lunch which I usually do, the total fat grams in the bread that I use is 2. Well I looked at the pita bread the next day, thinking it was had 25 grams of fat! Yikes!
For my sandwiches I use 2% Kraft cheese which is only 2.5 grams in a slice. But I used deli cheese for the Hani's. Again I seen this the next day, a little to late. A slice of Swiss was 8 grams and the American slice was 9 grams of fat. So anyway it does pay to look at your food labels before you consume it or even buy it. Today I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch and the total in that was 3 grams of fat. Much better. But I really thought that making the Hani's at home would be more healthy but it wasn't.

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